Adventurous Trekking Trip to Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh is the dream of every hiker, especially in India. Walking past the Desert Mountains into the narrow passes through the highest roads, trekking in Ladakh experience is undoubtedly the best in the country. This landscape of extremes has an amazing combination of beautiful elements of nature from the desert to blue waters and from glaciers to the sand dunes. So, make sure that the trip for trekking in Ladakh, India is a must for every nature lovers.


The presence of a large number of monasteries on this route is making this experience of trekking in Ladakh more special. To discover the Ladakh itinerary is a perfect way to explore this Trans-Himalayan region. The popular trekking spots in Ladakh are:
• Lamayuru To Alchi Trek
• Ripchar Valley Trek
• Padum To Darcha Trek
• Lamayuru To Darcha Trek

Kang Yatse II is the be the preferred choice of the aspiring trekkers who want to try something endearing. This peak is at 20,500 ft altitude. It is just 320 ft taller than Stok adding the spice of the height. Despite those facts that Kang Yatse II is considered the easiest 6000-meter peak. The Kang Yatse peak lies in the popular Markha Valley. Most of the trek route coincides with the approach to the Markha Valley. So, this trekking is offering to have double benefits. Best time to visit it is from June to October every year.


Many trekking companies are providing packages for the Ladakh region in particular for Kang Yatse II. UFO Adventure Travel is one such travel provider company. They are experts in providing adventurous trips especially hill area trekking. They have much variety of packages available. There registered office is in Dehradun, India. They are giving trekking packages for 10-12 days duration to cover 80-100 km trekking distances. It varies from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 45000 per person.