UFO Adventure Travel: We Organize Unforgettable Tours

Going to the mountains is akin to spirituality. When you step into the wilderness, climb the steep slopes, and explore the forest, you get close to the Creator himself. You muster up all your strength when you are pitted against the mountain.

When you go to the mountains your body gets trained and the soul gets healed. Mountain trekking is a great example of an activity that pushes you to reach the goal. The sense of achievement after an arduous trek boosts your self-confidence.

There is an intense thrill when you enter a world of untouched natural beauty where money and material possessions have no value.


UFO Adventure Travels is a renowned travel company with a difference. It offers adventure trips and off-beat activities like camping, skiing, rafting, Mardi Himal trekking, off-road motorbiking, etc. across India. UFO Travels enhances your journey with authentic experiences, and real exploration and makes you have the trip of your life.

Benefits of trekking

Good for Health
Trekking requires great stamina for the physical tasks it involves like crossing rugged terrains, bridges; climbing high mountain peaks. Though trekking is an adventure activity, it is a very good exercise to build muscles of the arms and legs. It also helps minimize blood pressure and reduce the pain in the joints.

Bonding with Family Members
The trekking goes a long way in strengthening the bond of love and trust between you and your trekking partners, be it, family, love interest. Trekking allows you to spend quality time with your near and dear ones, and lets you have the best holiday experience.

Enjoy the Stunning Outdoors
Trekking is. one activity that provides an enthralling experience to those who want to enjoy the tranquillity and serenity. The picturesque landscapes, beautiful backdrops and clear blue waters will even draw the attention of the unwilling individuals to embark on a trekking tour.

The Sky Appears Brighter in these Unpolluted Regions
Those deprived of watching the majestic morning and romantic evening sky in its full glory. Trekking destinations like Gokyo lakes trek are serene and free from pollutions and give travellers memorable experiences.


Marvel at Amazing Wildlife
Trekking in destinations with exotic wildlife is an excellent activity to do. It gives a great chance to increase your knowledge about the habitat of the animals, their diet and behaviour.

It is quite clear that UFO Adventure Travels’ trekking tours are one of the best ways to get rid of the stress our modern lifestyle gives, and it rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. The benefits derived by embarking on a trekking tour in India are simply too amazing to ignore.

UFO Adventure Travel: A Guide on How to Choose the Best Trekking Company

It is important to see what’s out there and enrich your life with around the world travel. Your heart and soul is craving new experiences and new challenges. With Travel, you can quench your thirst for wanderlust. Travelling can be done in a number of ways, like by air, train, ship to check out different terrains and geography of planet Earth.

Trekking forms the most undiluted travelling experience just fill your heart with pleasure and your mind with renewed vigour. When you are scaling the Nag Tibba Trek, every step forward feels like a victory. Trekking makes you feel you have conquered all your battles and slayed down all your demons.


UFO Adventure Travel provides excellent offbeat and adventure tours. They organize tours filled with fun and thrill all over India. It is really important to choose the best travel company. Just comparing tour expenses is not the right way to decide the calibre of the company.

Features of a Good Travel Company

1) Government License and Registration

Though the government license and registration with the Ministry of Tourism, Indian Mountaineering Foundation and Adventure Tour Operators Association of India does not guarantee that you will have the best experience, it provides assurance.

2) Trek Cost 

 Low or high cost does not mean the company is good with its work ethics. Transparency is important with no hidden charges.

3) Experience

It is important that the professional trek leaders are qualified with basic professional mountaineering courses. A strong core team well-versed with the treks is a must as it becomes easy to guide the outdoor team.

4) Safety standards and equipment

Most of the times, people tend to ignore the safety features as they are focused on the pricing. If not high-end equipment, they should at least guarantee you basic safety in the mountains.

5) Experience of the Company

 Going through particulars and details gives you an outline of the company and keeps you informed about the pros and cons. You should also take into account the company’s track record and experience in carrying out the trekking trips.


                UFO Adventure Travel is a well-known travel company that meets with all the criteria mentioned above. It is professionally owned and managed by avid travellers at heart. It understands the desire of those bitten by the wanderlust bug and offers Trekking trips like Markha Valley Trek, adventure activities, holiday tours, jeep safaris, paragliding in the beautiful and sight-seeing expeditions, to name a few services.


Plan Some Mind Cleansing Trips To Exotic Locations with UFO Adventure Travel

Travelling stands as an essential aspect of our lives. It helps to kill the amalgamation of stress and generates inner happiness. Visiting places teaches us a lot about different communities, traditions, food and life. Exploring new places widens up our narrow lanes of knowledge. It redefines our character and gives us time to strengthen the bond with our loved ones. In such busy lives, travelling goes underrated despite of it adds so much value to our individual lives. UFO travel agency promises to provide multiple tour packages which are interesting and worthwhile. The agency commits its best to achieve smooth customer experiences at no additional cost.


Mind Cleansing Trips by UFO Travel

De-clutter your mind and fill it with positive vibes with these exciting trips exclusively provided by UFO adventure travels –

  1. Yoga Retreat India–Yoga is very healthy for mind, body and soul. By taking the package of Yoga retreat India, you come forward to rejuvenate yourself. Perform some asanas, Havan in the gardens of Delhi and leave for Agra. Mesmerize the beauty of wonder of the world – Taj Mahal. Site visit Agra fort and come back to Delhi. Continue your Asanas and cleanse your chakras meanwhile on the trip. Visit famous places in Delhi and end this trip peacefully.
  2. Nepal Everest Base Camp – If you feel you are physically fit and are ready for this unforgettable and challenging 14-day trekking camp at Everest, you are more than welcome. Appreciate the beauty and enjoy trekking. This trip ensures a good adventurous experienced for trekkers.


Forget all your worries about planning a peaceful trip. All the arrangements and itineraries are prepared by UFO adventure travels to ensure that no good location is left to visit and the customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

UFO Adventure Travel Helps You Escape the Mundane on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Travel, at its deepest level, can be a great teacher. It can play a critical role in helping us grow into better versions of our normal selves. When we embark on Markha Valley Trek, it rejuvenates our energy, mentally and emotionally.

Every day we follow the same routine. We function as if we are in an autopilot mode—where you no longer have to think and you just go with the motion of your actions. This kind of approach towards life robs us of the joy and zest for life as it does not nourish us emotionally.


UFO Adventure Travel provides us with the much-needed switch we need to move from the mundane to the exotic. There is something so exciting about the feeling of visiting a new place, culture or environment – whether that is a mountain range, desert or jungle – that just cannot be beaten. UFO Adventure Travel group has been making the dreams come true of its patrons of visiting the untouched, mystical destination full of adventure and awakening.

Why Travelling is a Good Form of Therapy?

It is important to have that switch once in a while. Travelling can transform the way you perceive yourself, personally as well as professionally.

  • The therapeutic effect of travelling can be felt when you are planning the trip itself. The very anticipation of the trip can evoke positive emotions as you vividly visualize your destination and the activities you wish to indulge in.
  • When you have reached your desired destination, you forget all your stresses and worries. It is as if you are in a different dimension of the world experiencing a new version of yourselves.
  • Travelling takes you back to your childhood. You again become curious about your surroundings and experience every sight and every sound with renewed interest and vigour.
  • Travelling broadens your horizon. You develop a better understanding of the world and you learn to place more value and appreciation of what you have and gain more respect for other people’s way of life.
  • Travelling can also help you mend that relationship and heal that emotional pain. This is one amazing way to rekindle that romance and patch up with your estranged near and dear one. This is because it can evoke various emotions that can lead to a deeper introspection.


Travel memories can last forever. It has the power to trigger a feeling of immense joy during those lonely times. UFO Adventure Travels’ Yoga Retreat India is one trip that is not to be missed. It takes you on that ‘inner journey’ and helps you indulge in some serious soul-searching.

Don’t wait; plan that trip now with UFO Adventure Travel.

Adventurous Trekking Trip to Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh is the dream of every hiker, especially in India. Walking past the Desert Mountains into the narrow passes through the highest roads, trekking in Ladakh experience is undoubtedly the best in the country. This landscape of extremes has an amazing combination of beautiful elements of nature from the desert to blue waters and from glaciers to the sand dunes. So, make sure that the trip for trekking in Ladakh, India is a must for every nature lovers.


The presence of a large number of monasteries on this route is making this experience of trekking in Ladakh more special. To discover the Ladakh itinerary is a perfect way to explore this Trans-Himalayan region. The popular trekking spots in Ladakh are:
• Lamayuru To Alchi Trek
• Ripchar Valley Trek
• Padum To Darcha Trek
• Lamayuru To Darcha Trek

Kang Yatse II is the be the preferred choice of the aspiring trekkers who want to try something endearing. This peak is at 20,500 ft altitude. It is just 320 ft taller than Stok adding the spice of the height. Despite those facts that Kang Yatse II is considered the easiest 6000-meter peak. The Kang Yatse peak lies in the popular Markha Valley. Most of the trek route coincides with the approach to the Markha Valley. So, this trekking is offering to have double benefits. Best time to visit it is from June to October every year.


Many trekking companies are providing packages for the Ladakh region in particular for Kang Yatse II. UFO Adventure Travel is one such travel provider company. They are experts in providing adventurous trips especially hill area trekking. They have much variety of packages available. There registered office is in Dehradun, India. They are giving trekking packages for 10-12 days duration to cover 80-100 km trekking distances. It varies from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 45000 per person.

Best Trekking Destinations in India

Whenever we find time these days from our hectic schedule we prefer to go out holidaying. This not only helps us to unwind but helps to come back with enhanced energy. People love to go to various destinations of hills, seashore, forests and more. Several persons prefer trekking.


Goecha La trek in Sikkim offers a spectacular view of the Himalayas mountain range along with beautiful Samiti Lakeand Kanchenjunga National park, along with other summits.

The salient features of Goecha La trek:-

  • Duration – 11 days
  • Maximum height -4600 mts
  • Difficulty level – moderate
  • Best time for visit – March, April,May, September, and October.
  • Covers mesmerizing view of sunrise at Mount Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world
  • The beautiful Samiti lake with still water and reflection of Mount Pandim
  • Kanchenjunga national park which is rich with lots of flowers and fruits and is considered as one of the greenest regions in the World,
  • Pass through the rhododendron and Pine forest which offers a fabulous natural sight of friendly people and high mountains on the sides.

Another exciting trekking expedition is that of Lamayuru chilling in Ladakh. The trek covers some stunning beauties of nature coupled with a view of old Monasteries and the living style of the natives. The Lamayuru chilling in Ladakh trek is usually with moderate difficulty level and achieves a maximum height of 4820 mts. The entire trip is of 9 days. On the way, one has to cross the Lamayuru monastery which is a 10th-century Monastery that belongs to the Karyu sect of Tibetian Buddhism.

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Ultimate Frontier Outlands or UFO is usually called organizes these treks and believes in making their customers happy with a customized itinerary, small groups and an eye for detail. In a nutshell, they give their clients the best of the experiences which lasts a lifetime.

UFO Travels: Come Experience Adventure and Thrill with your Family

Family travel is more important than ever. Busy lives mean it can be a challenge to find the time to plan, let along take a vacation. However, it has been observed that those who plan and actually embark on regular family adventures are a happier and healthier bunch. United Frontier Outlands helps you organize memorable family adventure holidays in India.


Things to keep in mind about family trips

Several factors act as a deterrent in assembling the family to embark on a trip together. Busy careers, geographic spread and year-round sports and school schedules are all stumbling blocks. Therefore, extra effort is required to maintain and nurture family bonds. Proactive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to gather the clan can go a long way in ensuring successful materialization of family travel plans.


It is different when you travel solo. With family, or for that matter, with friends, travelling is a different ball game. You ought to keep in mind everyone’s preferences and likes and dislikes for an all-round enjoyable experience. Some family member of yours might harbour the desire to go on photography tours India. You can organize it with the help of UFO travels whose tours are a photographer’s delight.

  • The travel choices must reflect your entire family’s preferences. Before you begin to shortlist desired destinations, ask everyone, from the eldest to the youngest as to what they would like to explore.
  • Travelling is expensive. Everyone needs to do his or her bit to save up for the bonding adventurous ride. Creating a travel savings specific account can be an important part of the overall experience.
  • Today everyone’s schedules become more complicated by their own commitments. It is tough to find a common free time. Choosing opportunities like school breaks or festive seasons can bring everyone on board. You can also consider off-season adventures when you will experience fewer crowds and lower prices, even if it means missing a few days of class. Is a month, summer or year abroad on your family wish list? If, so, begin the research now.

UFO (United Frontier Outlands) Travels

At Ultimate Frontier Outlands, you can satisfy your wanderlust as they organize never-ever-been-experienced trips to exciting destinations. UFO Travels fulfils your dream of travelling to places shrouded in mysteries and spiritual adventures. Their customized itineraries, fellow thrill-seekers or like-minded travellers, and their attention to detail provide you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. You get acquainted with new cultures instilling respect for rich local traditions. This travel company adheres to the mantra of ‘Adventure by day, Luxury by night’ is what differentiates it from the crowd.

Experience the Adventurous Trek at Nagaland with the Ultimate Frontier Outland

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The northeastern part of India has a small peaceful state- Nagaland. This state is well known for its rich cultural heritage and the diverse festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. The state is full of different tribes and each of the festivals is related to these tribes. Hence this place is also termed as the silent abode of the tribal people who are always busy with their festivals. Hornbill Festival Nagaland is one of the most popular festivals and is known to be the biggest celebration of the warrior folks residing at Nagaland.  Hornbill is a highly admirable bird in Nagaland, based on the name of the bird the festival is being named. Normally the festival starts on the 1st of December and extends up To 7Th December of every year. Currently, it has been extended a bit and is celebrated until the 10th of December. The festival is celebrated in a small village, Kisama Heritage Village which is approximately 10 Kilometers from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. It is also about folk dances, songs and games, and traditional art.


If you are interested to celebrate with them this festival, then you must visit the place. Besides you can also take a view of the place from the beautiful Dzukou valley along with the Japfu peak trek too. For the best travelling experience, you can contact the Ultimate Frontier Outlands who plans out a 6 days tour for the Nagaland during the Hornbill festival. The entire package includes the trekking, local tours and the inclusion of the Hornbill Festivals in it. It is a breathtaking adventure that should not be missed out for any reason. For more information about the package tour, check out the website of the best tour planner.

Best Trekking Experience for Travel Freaks

 I love travelling and I have travelled to various places but one thing that I always wanted to do was go on a trek. This is usually risky and also expensive so it was difficult for me to find the best team with whom I could have a trekking experience.


A friend of mine told me about Ultimate Frontier Outlands. The Ultimate Frontier Outlands take you to the best places for trekking and gives you the best travel experience that you can ever have. Me and my friend, both went to the Geochala Trek and trust me when I say it was one of my best travel experiences. It is an 11-day tour and we enjoyed it a lot there. The guides are trained professionals who are skilful and have complete knowledge about everything related to trekking. Small groups are created for trekking because in small groups the guides can focus on everyone in a better way. In this way, a more immersive tour is created and the people learn a lot better about the places they visit. They provide all the required equipment such as a mess tent with tables and chairs, a lounge tent with board games and books, a kitchen tent and a toilet tent with a fully chemical portable toilet.


All the services that they provide are available at a very reasonable cost and the costing is done honestly. The total cost is given at the beginning only and there is no extra charge later on. The whole tour is customized according to the need of the customer so that they enjoy to the fullest. We had a great time and we are now planning to go to the Markha Valley Trek which is a 9-day trek. If anyone is interested in trekking then they should undoubtedly contact the Ultimate Frontier Outlands.

Best Trekking Experience

Since childhood, I’ve been interested in adventure trips and I always wanted to go on a trekking trip. One day, out of the blue, I found out about the Ultimate Frontier Outlands Adventure Travel Pvt.Ltd, India. I checked out their website and I was so amazed that I wanted to go there so I booked for me and my friend for the Goecha La Trek which is an 11-day trip.



We had a great time there it was amazing. It is an area near Sikkim and the view from it is mesmerizing. Divide people into small groups of 10 so that our guys can provide us with the best tour. We were provided with all the necessary equipment required such as mess tent with tables and chairs, lounge tents, board games, and books, etc. They have all the necessary equipment for safety and comfort. They provided us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food we are provided with is also of great quality and tastes delicious. They also provide a toilet tent with a fully chemical portable toilet facility.



The price point is amazing and they provide their services at a very affordable rate, there are no extra charges for anything whatever money is needed is included in the initial package. The safety of people are taken care of and the guides are trained professionals so there is nothing to worry about. We learned a lot and enjoyed our fullest on the tour. I had a nice time and this is why I decided to go on a trek again so I booked for Markha Valley Trek. It is a 9-day trek to Markha Valley near the Himalayas. It was a stunning trip and we enjoyed a lot I would again go for another trek if possible.